Who is Prophet Picks?

I go by the name Prophet Picks, I have been a professional handicapper for over 18 years. I have worked at some of the biggest handicapping companies in the world, been rated amongst the top of my colleagues, been part of nearly every forum, and recently moved my services to Twitter. Being a former athlete as well as a software engineer, I have a serious advantage over my counterparts. With some help from others I designed and still use to this day one of the most efficient data entry and analytical output softwares on the market. But thats not the only thing that I bring to the table. Handicapping is more than just looking at numbers and picking a game, its a lifestyle that requires discipline, financial guidance, trend research, and most of all the intangibles.
I work diligently every day to come up with my picks for two reason: I love sports, and I love to WIN! I have always been an advocator of posting plays for free periodically. This helps build bankroll for those who can't afford my services or may be skeptical, but also show everyone that I am the real deal!

My goal is to complete each professional/collegiate season above 60%. I have good days, I have bad days, but I've had a hall-of-fame career and I continue to prove that season after season.

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