The First Half

The First Half

There is no secret about my style of NBA picks this season. Whether you have been tailing picks for the season or are a paying client, 90%+ of our NBA selections are first half bets. I don't want to get too much into the regular season, so for this write up we will stick to the NBA playoffs.

Our most recent first half (1H) domination has been on the Heat Sixers series and the T-Wolves Rockets series. When a team is getting 3 or more points in the first half, I take a big look into that pick. When a team like the T Wolves gives up 50 points in the 3rd quarter the previous game and the public drives the line all the way to -11 for the Rockets the following game, we take advantage of the T-Wolves +7 1H.

If you have been watching the playoffs you know that these games have been awfully physically. Physical play usually leads to tight games, and tight games for me simply means take the team thats getting points in the first half. Very rarely these playoffs have we seen the games we take to come out on a scoring run. Each team takes their time settling in and adjusting to each others game plan. The fact that our last two NBA picks were T-Wolves +7 1H who were leading at half but didn't cover full game, and Heat +6 1H who were tied at half but didn't cover full game, is the perfect example of why I love the first half bet.

I'll follow that up by answering the questions I get the most. Why don't you take the same team first half and full? There's not a complex answer to this questions, only that things that are supposed to happen generally do in the first half and the pace of play is steady/predictable. You don't have to worry about the free throw game, stars fouling out, offenses pushing the court and shooting threes in attempt to make a comeback.

Our first half bets worked incredibly well for us all season considering we finished the NBA regular season at 61%. I look forward to wrapping up the NBA season in our typical dominating fashion

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