L.A. Chargers Biggest Enemy

L.A. Chargers Biggest Enemy

As of today, the 6th of December, the AFC playoff picture is lead by all teams having dominant records going into Week 14.

AFC playoff picture: 

1. Chiefs (10-2) 
2. Patriots (9-3) 
3. Texans (9-3) 
4. Steelers (7-4-1) 
5. Chargers (9-3) 
6. Ravens (7-5) 

The one team that lingers "In the Hunt" is the Denver Broncos. The Broncos and Chargers being in the same division, and facing off against each other to finish off the season makes this playoff picture for the Chargers very interesting.

The Broncos sit on the outside of the playoff picture looking in at a "Jeff Fisher-esk" record of (6-6). However, they have won 3 straight and are (4-2) in their last 6 after starting a dismal (2-4). Having momentum is one thing, but playing the two worst teams in the NFL in the final four games of the season is another.

Broncos remaining schedule:
at San Francisco (2-10)
vs Cleveland (4-7-1)
at Oakland (2-10)
vs LA Chargers (9-3)

Chargers remaining schedule:
vs Cincinnati (5-7)
at Kansas City (10-2)
vs Baltimore (7-5)
at Denver (6-6)

It doesn't take a genius or an average joe to notice who has the easier strength of schedule. If the Broncos win out going into the final game, and Chargers roll in after a 1-2 stretch, the Broncos have a great chance of spoiling the Chargers season indefinitely. Of course this is all speculation, and the Chargers matchup against Baltimore is equally as important if not more. Either way, these two teams out in the AFC West are certainly lined up for a crazy finish.

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