AL Championship

AL Championship

As of now I see the AL shaping up in a certain way. Cleveland Indians vs Boston Red Sox. Of course this is tentative on how the playoffs end up, should it allow for these two teams to play in the championship game. Simply put, these are my two favorite teams to win the AL

The reason I like the Red Sox is the reason why pretty much anyone who has paid attention to the MLB season would say, they win. The Red Sox are easily the toughest team to beat, especially in a 4-game series. They have the most runs scored per game, and give up the 2nd fewest. If thats not a recipe for success I don't know what is. For the remainder of the season, especially toward the end of the regular season I expect the Red Sox to slow down with their win total and rest their star players. To keep it short and simple, the Red Sox won't lose a series early on in the playoffs.

The Indians are a much different team than the Red Sox and I like them in the AL Championship for different reasons. The Indians aren't very high are peoples radar for some reason. As of now the Indians are tied for 2nd in runs per game at 5.2, and they have a middle of the road stat when it comes to giving up runs. The big reason I like the Indians for the AL is because of their pitching staff. It may not have the highest stats as of now, but their starters and bullpen have playoff experience and have what it takes to play in postseason form

This isn't my prediction for the AL Championship, these are the two teams I like most in the AL and I see either of them moving on to the WS

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